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love eating bread ties and bread tags
  • Yeah that's my strategy as soon as I spot it, but I often stumble upon the scene of the crime way too late.

  • Before it's too late!
  • Yeah, If I had kids, I would keep them as far away as possible from these people.

    I'm no doctor, but that man is absolutely experiencing some kind of steroid-induced mania.

    Otherwise, if it's not real, it's an excellent shitpost.

  • Poor Timmy
  • find Timmy and give him more disease

  • love eating bread ties and bread tags
  • In this house we throw away the bread ties and leave the bread exposed to open air so it gets stale and feeds flies

    I don't do that, but the others in this house do and holy fuck it pisses me off

  • Give your JS codebase what it deserves!
  • why install this when my coworkers will do it anyway

  • rule
  • where is kfc chicken bucket fleshlight

  • poni
  • I laughed extra hard at the scene because I vaguely remembered reading this comment

  • What a simple fix
  • In my mind, this is exactly what happened with crowdstrike

  • YSK there is a massive Google Doc of U.S. gynecologists that will tie your tubes without asking about your kids, marital status or age.
  • Yeah thank god I was too stupid to set up a wallet address at the peak of the hype. I'd probably be long dead or in prison by now.

  • Fallout London: 'If it's an awful launch we'll probably all just go to sleep'
  • If it flops they gotta nuke London for real

    those are the rules

  • Rule
  • They're going to pump him full of paxlovid alongside his regular 2 liter IV dose of vyvanse and memantine

  • Oh god, that can't be good...
  • I posted this yesterday in LemmyShitpost a grainy AI image of a horse puking in Walmart or some shit

    Honest to god thought it was a horse barfing in a convenience store. Then someone pointed out that horses can't puke.

    The jpegification and motion blur did a lot of heavy lifting. None of the shit in the background makes any sense. Back legs also look kinda weird.

  • I’m that bench
  • I believe in you OP

    Fat fuck depression cat can go eat sliced turds

  • Rule
  • champion cream donor 2012

  • YSK there is a massive Google Doc of U.S. gynecologists that will tie your tubes without asking about your kids, marital status or age.
  • I don't really need the sheet, but this comment compelled me to download it anyway

    Nothing stresses me out more than FOMO

    If you're reading this like 5 years from now and the doc is gone, feel free to reply or DM me or the guy I'm replying to. I will probably still have it, unless I get hit by a bus or something

  • LindowsOS, 2001
  • Must really have been super shit if you remember how awful it was 20+ years later

    Anything in particular that sent you over the edge?

  • poni
  • I'm still on my parents netflix but I will pirate it anyway because it's funni

  • poni
  • I fucking love Zach Hadel

    Some of the funniest shit I've ever heard was him on sleepycast and Oneyplays

    His one liner on oneyplays discussing Jimmy Neutron visiting r/braincels had me gasping for air

  • poni

    can anyone recommend a good TV show to binge after eating an indica gummy


    cross-posted from:

    Distro hoppers, what's always on your install list when you've finished setup and logged in for the first time?

    I wouldn't really call myself a distro hopper, but in the last few months I've had to do some fresh installs on a couple of machines and VMs for work

    If these aren't included by default, I'll make sure to get em:


    • Firefox & Chromium
    • Gimp & Krita
    • VSCode/VSCodium
    • Okular
    • Libre office


    • git
    • wget&curl
    • neovim
    • zsh/ohmyzsh + plugins
    • glow
    • neofetch
    • figlet/toilet
    • zellij
    • python
    • nodejs/npm/nvm + nodemon globally
    • ranger/rifle

    Also, how do you go about migrating your old config and rc files? Start fresh or just copy em over and make adjustments where necessary?

    Which terminal emulator do you use?

    I've always just used konsole or gnome terminal. Never really looked into what else is available. Tried cool-retro-term the other day, but the novelty wore off pretty fast for me.

    Curious to see if there's a terminal someone swears by and refuses to use anything else.

    If you got COVID and lost the ability to taste things, did it ever come back? Otherwise, did you experience any other long term consequences from the pandemic in general?

    Never heard any follow ups on the taste thing, so I need answers

    4 years since 2020. Time really flies when a catastrophic global event hits you in the face

    • Allow this website to send notifications?
    • Privacy badger stopped 652 trackers on this page
    • "Let us enable cookies? Yes or 19 step cookie configuration wizard?"
    • "Ads are how we keep our service free. Please disable your adblocker"
    • "you've reached your daily free limit. Please upgrade to a pro account for just 29.99 USD/month (the price of a cup of coffee)"

    I fucking hate the modern web

    Do you have a mantra that keeps you going through tough times?

    "it do be like that sometimes" is starting to lose it's magic a little


    that guy's website is weird as shit

    tourist tourist

    i hate soup

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