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    Rule: You must post before you leave.

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    AccidentalRenaissance is for photos that look like Renaissance paintings.

    This means that they look like Renaissance art in their composition, their coloring, their saturation, the angle of the scene, the types of settings, etc.

    👉 Must be a photo. Not a meme, drawing, art, ai-generated or ai-enhanced image, screenshot, low-effort post, meta posts, video, or anything else but a photo.

    👉 Must be SFW. No gore, porn, extreme violence, blood, corpses, or similarly disturbing content. Absolutely no pornography, even if it's "tasteful".

    👉 Comments must be civil. No slurs of any kind or using words to insult, demean, harass, or abuse other individuals or groups.

    👉 The Renaissance part (not the photo itself) must be accidental to the photograph. In other words, no photos of Renaissance fairs, people dressed in medieval/Renaissance clothes, etc.

    👉 NO influencer selfies, professional photoshoots with watermarks, any type of OnlyFans-like content. We are not the place to work your side-hustle.

    📸 If you know who the photographer is, give them credit in the comment section. This is the only type of self-promotion we allow.

    👩‍🦯 Alt-Text for vision-impaired users in the post body or in the comments is highly encouraged. Just pretend you are describing a photo to someone on the phone.

    🤘 Created by the former mod team of r/AccidentalRenaissance

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    A community for transfeminine people and experiences.

    This is a supportive community for all transfeminine or questioning people. Anyone is welcome to participate in this community but disrupting the safety of this space for trans feminine people is unacceptable and will result in moderator action.

    Debate surrounding transgender rights or acceptance will result in an immediate ban.

    • Please follow the rules of the instance.
    • Bigotry of any kind will not be tolerated.
    • Gatekeeping will not be tolerated.
    • Please be kind and respectful to all.
    • Please tag NSFW topics.
    • No NSFW image posts.
    • Please provide content warnings where appropriate.
    • Please do not repost bigoted content here.

    Posters may express that they are looking for responses and support from groups with certain experiences (eg. trans people, trans people with supportive parents, trans parents.). Please respect those requests and be mindful that your experience may differ from others here.

    To make such a request, at the start of the body of your post, not in the title, the first line should look like the this: [Requesting Engagement from _________]

    Some helpful links:

    Support Hotlines:

    • The Trevor Project // Web chat, phone call, and text message LGBTQ+ support hotline.
    • TransLifeLine // A US/Canada LGBTQ+ phone support hotline service. The US line has Spanish support.
    • LGBT // A Canadian LGBT hotline support service with phone call and web chat support. (4pm - 9:30pm EST)
    • 988lifeline // A US only Crisis hotline with phone call, text and web chat support. Dedicated staff for LGBTQIA+ youth 24/7 on phone service, 3pm to 2am EST for text and web chat.
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    !egg_irl is for widely relatable memes about questioning one's gender or being an egg (a trans person in denial) as well as other eggy topics.

    If you are looking for a place to discuss something specific to you or especially if you need help or are in crisis, we have communities and resources that can support you linked at the bottom of this sidebar.

    General Rules:

    1. No bigotry.

    2. No spam, bots, or vote farming.

    Rules on Content:

    1. No reposts.

    2. No personal-life posts, bingo cards, quizzes, selfies, "trans/not trans" lists, picrew, or non-memes.

    3. No visible names or usernames.

    4. Do not post or link to pornography.

    Rules on Post Titles and Tags:

    1. Posts must be titled "egg_irl". An emoji or two is OK, but they have to be between "egg" and "irl".

    2. Posts that assume the viewer's gender and/or contain potentially triggering content must be spoilered and tagged at the beginning of the post title. Example content-warning tags that you can copy include the following:

      • [CW: Assumes Viewer is Transmasc]
      • [CW: Assumes Viewer is Transfem]
      • [CW: Assumes Viewer is Nonbinary]
      • [CW: Transphobia]
      • [CW: Violence]
      • [CW: Weapons/Firearms]
      • [CW: Disturbing Imagery]
    3. You may optionally include other tags, such as:

      • [Transmasc Meme]
      • [Transfem Meme]
      • [Nonbinary Meme]
      • [Gender-Nonspecific Meme]

    Rules on Post Text:

    1. If possible, include an image description for accessibility.

    2. Add sources for art.

    Rules on Comments

    1. If a post is tagged with a specific gender identity, keep the conversation centered on that identity.

    2. You must follow the Egg Prime Directive. You may not push or coerce people into identifying or not identifying a certain way. You must respect them as the gender they claim to identify as.


    We strongly encourage you to include your pronouns in your account bio so that others know how to refer to you without misgendering you. If you're questioning or unsure of your pronouns, that's totally cool—just say so.

    Sibling Meme Communities

    Sibling Non-Meme Communities

    Community Resources:

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    A community about game development.


    • Adhere to the general rules (#1 being no homophobia, transphobia, racism or other exclusionary content)
    • Self-promotion is fine as long as it's not spammy - share your progress, insights, techniques and mishaps! If you recently posted, update the previous post instead of filling the frontpage with your project
    • Hide NSFW/NSFL content behind a clear warning, for example: [NSFW Nudity]

    More rules might follow if they become necessary; general rule is don't be a pain in the butt. Have fun! ♥

    GameDev Telegram chat.

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    Blåhaj Lemmy is a Lemmy instance attached to This is a group for questions or discussions relevant to either instance.

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    About r/unixsocks on fediverse:

    Unixporn + ThighHighs


    1.Thigh high socks

    All non-meme pictures must contain a human wearing thigh high socks.

    2.Unix-like OS

    All non-meme pictures must contain a device running a unix-like OS. Android and WSL are not permitted.

    3.Hate Speech

    No Bigotry, Cissexism, Transphobia , Homophobia, Enbyphobia (anti Non-Binary Gender), Anti-ND (Anti-Neurodiversity), Sexism, Racism, etc. Non-compliance with this rule will result in a ban. The ban may be revoked after a plead.

    4.NSFW flag

    NSFW post must have NSFW flag.


    unixsocks in elsewhere

    Fediverse :

    • Matrix:


    Backup link:

    • XMPP (linked to matrix):

    Main Room:

    Gamyer Room:

    Shitpost Room:

    Big tech social media :

    • Discord (linked to matrix):


    • Reddit (Dead):


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    Your space for all things Blåhaj!

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    Welcome to the enchanting realm of Goblincore Lemmy! This vibrant community is a whimsical gathering place for those who embrace the joyous and offbeat aesthetics of goblincore, infused with the spirit of Lemmy.

    In this cozy corner of the internet, goblincore enthusiasts come together to celebrate the beauty found in the everyday oddities and treasures of nature and the natural world. Inspired by folklore, fantasy, and a touch of mischief, Goblincore Lemmy embodies a love for all things wild, untamed, and delightfully peculiar.

    Within this community, you'll find a diverse group of individuals who share a deep appreciation for the charm of gnarled tree roots, moss-covered rocks, peculiar mushrooms, and the hidden wonders of the forest floor. They revel in embracing a simpler, earth-centered existence, finding joy in foraging, gardening, and crafting with repurposed materials.

    The Goblincore Lemmy community is known for its warm and inclusive atmosphere. Here, members encourage each other's creative endeavors, be it writing poetry, painting fantastical scenes, or sharing DIY projects that transform discarded items into whimsical treasures. Discussions often revolve around sustainable living, folklore and mythology, herbalism, and the joys of exploring the great outdoors.

    As you explore the community, you'll discover an abundance of visual delights, with members sharing their goblincore-inspired fashion choices, cozy forest dwellings, and enchanting nature photography. It's a place where embracing one's inner goblin is celebrated, and unique styles that incorporate mismatched patterns, earthy tones, and an eclectic mix of accessories are highly revered.

    The Goblincore Lemmy community is a sanctuary for those seeking respite from the hectic pace of modern life. It offers a resplendent retreat into a world where one can find solace and inspiration in the enchanting quirks of the natural realm. Whether you're a long-time goblincore enthusiast or a curious newcomer, you're sure to find kindred spirits and endless opportunities for whimsical exploration in this delightful corner of the internet. So, come on in, don your favorite goblin attire, and prepare to embark on an enchanting journey through Goblincore Lemmy!

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    Memes related to mathematics.

    Rules: 1: Memes must be related to mathematics in some way. 2: No bigotry of any kind.

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    Is someone holding these poor souls hostage and forcing them to be together?


    1. Post examples of toxic heteronormativity only.
    2. Be nice and respectful.

    for more info, see larger rules post here:

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    Welcome to femcel memes. A place where anybody can post memes that fit the vibe.

    Warning: We have a tendency to post things that may at times come from a self-deprecating perspective or things that are funny coming from another queer person. This space will always be a safe place for transfems, non-binary people, people with a feminine gender expression (GNC or otherwise) or anybody else in the LGBT Community to come together and share about our experiences but we truly feel that laughing about the sometimes silly and embarrassing parts the queer experience can help bring us together. We never mean offense or harm in anything posted but rather they are satirical takes coming from queer people.

    A note about 'Egging': Our community is mostly made up of transfem individuals, and as such most memes posted will be posted with the intention of having a transfem perspective. However, regardless of gender identity, all feminine presenting individuals are welcome here. Whether that means you're NB, GNC, transmasc, or any other identity, you are welcome here. It is not our intention or goal to invalidate these identities. If something makes you uncomfortable, please feel free to report the post and I will address your concerns on an individual level. For more information regarding the problems with 'Egg-culture', please see Here.

    Love Y'all and thank you for following this community

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    Artwork featuring primarily trans characters. Try and keep it mostly SFW.

    1. No AI generated content.

    2. No loli, shota, or characters that appear underage in sexual situations. Use discretion. If you have to justify it in some way, it’s probaby not a good idea to post it.

    3. Headcanons are welcome. Being an asshole about headcanons is not.

    Try to source your image. It’s not required but it’s nice.

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    A safe space for people to discuss their experiences, feelings and thoughts on social anxiety and socialphobia.

    Values: Acceptance Openness Understanding Equality


    1. Be respectful of and considered towards others.
    2. No abusive, derogatory, or offensive post/comments.
    3. Do not gatekeep or diagnose.
    4. Discussions regarding medication are allowed as long as you are describing your own situation and not telling others what to do.
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    Can be solo or implied as long as the image is for or appears to be for the sapphic gaze. Use your best judgement. Try and keep it mostly SFW. Trans Inclusive.

    1. No AI generated content.

    2. No Loli or characters that appear underage in sexual situations Use discretion. If you have to justify it in some way, it’s probaby not a good idea to post it.

    3. Headcanons are welcome. Being an asshole about headcanons is not.

    Try to source your image. It’s not required but it’s nice.

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    A place to post memes relating to the transgender experience.


    1. Follow community guidelines.
    2. Posts must be trans related.
    3. No bigotry.
    4. Do not post or link to pornography.
    5. If a post is tagged with a specific gender identity, keep the conversation centered on that identity.
    6. Posts that assume the viewer’s gender and/or contain potentially triggering content must be spoilered and tagged at the beginning of the post title. Example content-warning tags that you can copy include the following:
    • [CW: Assumes Viewer is Transmasc]
    • [CW: Assumes Viewer is Transfem]
    • [CW: Assumes Viewer is Nonbinary]
    • [CW: Transphobia]
    • [CW: Violence]
    • [CW: Weapons/Firearms]
    • [CW: Disturbing Imagery]
    1. Mods can be arbitrary.


    1. Include other tags in posts for example:
    • [Transfem/Transmasc/Non-binary]
    1. Include image description when possible.
    2. Link to source
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    A subreddit for discussions about how certain people just don't understand how women's bodies work.


    1. No brigading.
    2. Please be sure that you have the anatomy right.
    3. You don't have to be polite but you do have to conduct yourself like a responsible adult.
    4. Respect your fellow human.
    5. Please select the appropriate flair for your post. (Flair does not exist on lemmy... yet? hopefully?)
    6. Please check the List of Common Reposts. (Doesn't exist on lemmy yet)
    7. Fetish art and low effort posts: see wiki
    8. No medical advice.
    9. Photoshop Phriday: see wiki (Suspended until migration is over)
    10. No trolling.
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    A space for trans people who code

    Matrix Space:



    • Don't be a meanie
      • no *ism
      • consider the feelings of somebody who might read what you say
    • Don't shitpost
    • Keep it wholesome
    • Must be trans / programming related
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    A community for memes about anime, manga, games or any kind of media about yuri (girls love).


    1. Content must be yuri-related (obviously)
    2. Cite the source in either the post or in the comments
    3. No sexualization of lolis
    4. Remember to tag NSFW content
    5. If you're posting a spoiler, say so in the title of the post
    6. Try to avoid reposts
    7. No homophobia, biphobia, bi erasure, transphobia or any kind of bigotry
    8. Be nice to each other, discussions are welcome but keep them civil

    Related communities:

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    All things cats!!!

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    A community for progressive issues, social justice and LGBT+ causes in media, gaming, entertainment and tech.

    Official replacement for Reddit's r/GamerGhazi

    Content should be articles, video essays, podcasts about topics relevant to the forum. No memes, single images or tweets/toots/... please!

    Be respectful and civil with each other. No bigotry of any kind allowed. No gatekeeping and being rude to people who don't agree with you. Absolutely no defense of GamerGate and other right-wing harassment campaigns, no TERFs and transphobia, racism, dismissing of war crimes and praise of fascists.

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    An inclusive place for members of all stripes that don't fit into our culture's binary categories of gender.

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    General trans community.


    1. Follow all rules

    2. All posts must be trans-related. Other queer-related posts go to c/lgbtq.

    3. Don't post negative, depressing news articles about trans issues unless there is a call to action or a way to help.


    Best resource: Site with links to resources for just about anything.

    Trevor Project: crisis mental health services for LGBTQ people, lots of helpful information and resources:

    The Gender Dysphoria Bible: useful info on various aspects of gender dysphoria:

    StainedGlassWoman: Various useful essays on trans topics:

    Trans resources:

    [USA] Resources for trans people in the South:

    [USA] Report discrimination:

    [USA] Keep track on trans legislation and news:

    [GERMANY] Bundesverband Trans: Find medical trans resources:

    [GERMANY] Trans DB: Insurance information (may be outdated):

    [GERMANY] Deutsche Gesellschaft für Transidentität und Intersexualität: They have contact information for their advice centers and some general information for trans and intersex people. They also do activism:

    *this is a work in progress, and these resources are courtesy of users like you! if you have a resource that helped you out in your trans journey, comment below in the pinned post and I'll add here to pass it on

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    A community for all transmasculine people.

    Support Hotlines


    • Follow the Blahaj.Zone instance rules.
    • No bigotry.
    • No harassment.
    • No spam.
    • Use NSFW tags when appropriate.


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    post pointlessly gendered products/marketing

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    A place for people to discuss Personal Knowledge Management Systems (PKMS) such as "Building a Second Brain" (BASB), Obsidian, and more.

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    Comments 95

    A SFW community for feminine boys, androgynous people, enbies, trans people, and anyone who identifies as a femboy!

    Posts 10
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    Cat Shitposting

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    garfield is a queer icon and im tired of pretending he's not, he's for the queers who are just a little bit eepy, for the queers who just want to eat and laze about, he's also canonically an enby who goes by he/him pronouns

    idk i just decided to make this space for anyone who wants to post garfield memes and general garfield related stuff because there's like only one other garfield comm on lemmy that i could find and its just one guy posting the garfield comic that was released today 45 years ago (unironically pretty cool though ngl)

    Rules: all the normal stuff no bigotry, no doxxing, etcetera. I reserve the right to moderate as i see fit but i dont think i'll be too overbearing with it (any bigotry will be pretty harshly modded though)

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    Comments 340

    Welcome, adventurers, to the world's greatest* roleplaying game!

    *Terms and conditions may apply

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    A Community for the interessting world of Trams, Trolleys and Streetcars!

    Posts 142
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    Comments 424

    Vaush bad

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    Post your comics here. Single or multi boxed comics.

    Please mark nsfw when appropriate.

    Same rules as primary server, no hate.

    Please warn others if there may be triggers.

    Please mark if the comic is yours either in the title or description

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    A community for trans folk who transitioned or are transitioning later in life.

    Bigotry is not welcome. Please report any occurrences of homophobia, transphobia or other exclusionary content, and it will be removed! Users posting bigoted material will be perma banned/suspended.

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    This is a community for posting and sharing trailers and teasers for upcoming film, television and video game premieres. The goal is to provide subscribers a curated feed of trailers for UPCOMING media. General-purpose posts about movies, television and games are better suited for other communities around the Lemmyverse. This place is just for trailers.


    1. All posts must be trailers or teasers; not full movies, not trailers for trailers, and not clips of popular scenes. Meta posts from mod staff are OK, but should be kept to a minimum.
    2. No fan-made trailers or remixes.
    3. Trailers for upcoming content only. Do not spam the community with trailers for media that has already been released.
    4. Link to official channels for trailers whenever possible (ie: the YouTube accounts of each film's studio or distribution company); avoid linking to videos from media outlets that function as aggregators / re-posters if you can.
    5. Post titles should follow formatting guidelines: "Media Name (release year, relevant creator credit)". Creator credits should be directors for films and games, showrunners for television series. Other details such as starring actors, writers, production studios, etc can be added to the post description.
    6. Don't be a jerk.
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    "Even Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aimé . . . has confirmed that Link is hot."


    Please remember to mark NSFW content appropriately, and credit the artist when possible.

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    Community dedicated to the grandfather of reggae music, and father of rocksteady. The Ska is a music genre played in the 60's in Jamaica and it has conquered the entire world with its rhythm and happiness. Every wave and rhythm is welcome!

    Related Communities

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    Share your favorite recipes for the fediverse! DIY and Open Source Food you can compile for yourself!


    1. All shared recipes should be edible and intended for human consumption.
    2. The recipe should be the upper main body of the text of the post, we all hate blog recipe websites with 7 paragraphs of a story about great aunt Fonda's favorite rubber scraper. If you must tell that story, save it for after the recipe.
    3. Recipes should be formatted to the best of your ability #-###'s make headers -'s make unorganized lists like for ingredients and to make a numbered list you just write out a number followed by a period and a space.

    >### Ingredients: >- ingredient 1 >- ingredient 2 >### Directions: >1. direction 1 >2. direction 2

    1. Recipes should be as in line with the Open Source Food philosophy as possible. Avoid store bought or specific brands of products or using specific packages (I.e. 1 bag Kraft Cheddar) as ingredients unless necessary to the integrity of the dish. This allows a more consistently reproducible end product by a wider variety of people, and future proofs your recipes in the events that shrinkflation or product discontinuation affects availability.
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    For making memes about Dune.

    Posts 28
    Members 291
    Comments 157