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Oh yeah, that's the good stuff...
  • How does any of this shit even matter when we will all die or have our lives ruined by climate change in our lifetimes?

    This is pretty much how I see things:

    I think we're fucked for a variety of reasons, and it's looking uncomfortably probable that billions are going to die and if things really go pear-shaped it'll possibly happen in my lifetime, but realistically I can do fuck-all about any of it (I was more of an activist for years but now I'm middle-aged and tired) and in the past maybe year or so I've found myself more and more just refusing to stress about any of this. I'm going to try and live my life the best I can, do good by the people in my life, and just… I don't know, "stop caring" would maybe be too strong because I do care, but I guess I sort of accept what the situation is.

    Doesn't mean I'm a nihilist or that I'm now clubbing baby seals and heating my apartment with a burning barrel of crude, but more like I've started to accept how much power – ie. how little power – I have over any of this and just want to live the latter half of my life in as much peace as is going to be possible.

  • [CWM] Plan9 inspired OpenBSD
  • If I had to do a server-side project for money I'd probably pick Go again. I don't have to like the language to recognize it's a good tool for the job – I'd gripe about it, but I'd use it anyhow. Can't stand the server side Javascript ecosystem, the Java ecosystem (including Scala etc) is good but nowhere near as easy to deal with as Go's, Erlang / Elixir seems decent but it's a bit alien to me because I've not written anything in either beyond just hobby stuff to learn the languages and the concepts.

    Pony is what I'd actually prefer using for work projects but it's so niche and its ecosystem isn't exactly vibrant that it wouldn't be a great choice. As a language it gets a ton of stuff right though, and I vastly prefer its memory safety model (reference capabilities) over what eg. Rust or Swift do, it's just much easier to reason with for me – although it's not an easy language to learn as such because the ref cap model does force you to think very differently about things. Its actor model is great too; the fact that it makes guarantees about message delivery order makes it a lot easier to reason with.

  • [CWM] Plan9 inspired OpenBSD
  • Yeah even though I spent a long time writing Go, I really can't say I like the language. Like you, I did feel productive in it, but holy fuck was there a lot of boilerplate. I'm really not a fan of the concurrency model either, the idea's good but the implementation makes it way clunkier than necessary because you get no handles to goroutines you spawn and you have to manually set up channels (which have a lot of nonobvious gotchas)

  • [CWM] Plan9 inspired OpenBSD
  • Good 'ol golang, intmax and containsSubstring (or containsNumber or containsValue etc etc) and so on in like 80% of the codebases because Rob Pike thinks copy-pasting code builds character. At least I gather things have gotten better with generics now, but I haven't used Go in a few years although I wrote it for a living starting from way before there was even package management (I remember when error was Error)

  • "30 minutes or it's free" back then was wild
  • I really need to read Snow Crash again. I gave my copy away years ago when I was moving and got rid of a lot of my stuff, but now I'm middle-aged enough that I've been rebuilding my bookshelf

  • Small steps make a difference.
  • Weeelllll, priorities may be just a bit different when living in a territory annexed by the literal Nazis. Not using Twitter doesn't really just have the same urgency as the Gestapo rounding up your neighbors.

    Not that I'd be caught dead using Twitter, especially now that that reich-wing manbaby and waste of perfectly good carbon Musk owns it. I created an account ~15 years ago because I had to test the Twitter integration of a thingamajig at work, but I never used it for anything else. I did read some Twitter stuff in the early days of the Ukraine invasion via one of the frontends, but so much of it was garbage that I stopped bothering after a while

  • Sinimusta siirtymä

    Tämän on kyllä huomannut omista kokkaretutuista; yksi lähti jo sille linjalle, että sukupuolivähemmistöjen pelkkä olemassaolo on "kärjistävää" ja että lihaa syövää valkoinen hetero on kirjaimellisesti vainotuin "vähemmistö" – ihan epäironisesti. Toivoipa jo että kaikki vähemmistöt yksinkertaisesti katoaisivat jotenkin taianomaisesti, ei ilmeisesti kehdannut vielä julkisesti unelmoida mistään Endlösungista.

    Persututtuja on nykyään enää todella vähän, ei ole puolin eikä toisin ollut kauheasti intoa olla tekemisissä enää toviin, tämmönen sateenkaareva hörhö kun olen ja heillä mielipiteet olleet jo tovin sitä luokkaa että mulla ei tartteisi olla ihmisoikeuksia lainkaan

    Can't argue with that logic

    Water mountains are my new favorite concept

    Political Memes hydroptic
    Unlike the image, I definitely encourage people to do this
    [CW: transphobia] How can they not see this is what's coming‽

    Anybody know who the original author is?


    I volunteer!

    Look at those paws. LOOK AT THEM. Berner puppies are so stinkin' cute

    Maybe we could convince other billionaires to join him on the trip?

    Just because my last Elon meme seems to have pissed someone off so much that they've gone through pages of my old comments to downvote them.

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