Skip Navigation This Summer, US Workers Are Organizing to Beat the Heat

Workers — both union and non-union — are winning AC, safety breaks and, in one groundbreaking case, heat pay.

This Summer, US Workers Are Organizing to Beat the Heat
0 Ten Holocaust Survivors Condemn Israel’s Gaza Genocide

Holocaust survivors say using the Holocaust to justify genocide in Gaza and repress student protest on college campuses is a complete insult to the Holocaust’s memory.

Ten Holocaust Survivors Condemn Israel’s Gaza Genocide
Making Our Bodies Ungovernable: An Interview with Chava Shapiro of the Hysteria Study Collective Making Our Bodies Ungovernable — Living & Fighting

Making Our Bodies Ungovernable: An Interview with Chava Shapiro of the Hysteria Study Collective An interview with Chava Shapiro of the Hysteria Study...

Making Our Bodies Ungovernable — Living & Fighting
“Every Day There’s a New Apocalypse": An Interview with an Anarchist Medical Volunteer in Gaza “Every Day There is a New Apocalypse — Living & Fighting

“Every Day There’s a New Apocalypse": An Interview with an Anarchist Medical Volunteer in Gaza What follows is an interview with Louis, an anarchist...

“Every Day There is a New Apocalypse — Living & Fighting
Appel À Solidarité Internationaliste pour la Communauté du Squat de Prosfygika

Nous appelons à la solidarité internationale de tou·tes nos camarades de différents endroits du monde en ce moment où l’État tente d’attaquer la communauté du squat de Prosfygika. Notre réponse doit être la résistance, la solidarité et la défense militante. Nous devons défendre les espaces libérés, nos valeurs et notre liberté !

Nous appelons tou·tes les camarades à faire des actions de solidarité dans leurs villes, par exemple : accrocher des banderoles, envoyer des photos et des vidéos de solidarité, propager les textes et les appels de la communauté dans les médias, des rassemblements/interventions devant les ambassades et consulats de Grèce.

Nous appelons à un soutien financier.

Nous appelons les camarades à venir dans la communauté à partir de maintenant et pendant la période estivale qui arrive pour faire partie de la communauté, de ses structures, pour aider aux barricades et pour défendre la communauté de manière holistique.

Vous pouvez vous informer à travers les médias sociaux de Prosfygika, nous appelons tou·tes les camarades à traduire dans leurs langues les textes de la communauté.

Pour plus d’informations, pour les périodes où les camarades veulent venir, vous pouvez contacter :


1 Tech Firms Prey on Poor Under Guise of Expanding Access to Financial Services

Finance, technology and social media companies often position themselves as solutions to problems they helped create.

Tech Firms Prey on Poor Under Guise of Expanding Access to Financial Services
Green and Pleasant - anti-capitalism in the UK Five
DIY in Doncaster: A Commune in the North is building upon the work of the anarchist-led Bentley Urban Farm DIY in Doncaster - Freedom News

A Commune in the North (ACitN — pronounced “a kitten”) is building upon the work of the anarchist-led Bentley Urban Farm to crate new ways to meet essential needs, for both the commune and the wider local community, in order to show that capitalism isn’t the only game in town. Bentley, a former coal...

DIY in Doncaster - Freedom News
[USA] **Sofia DeFerrari**’s Interview With CCC LGBTQ+ Newsletter Sofia’s Interview With CCC LGBTQ+ Newsletter, Free Sofia DeFerrari

Do you identify within the LGBTQ+ community or do you consider yourself an ally? If so, how? Candle: I identify as a member of the LGBTQ+ community; I am a...

0 The Chicago 8 Speak Out! - Abbie Hoffman, Bobby Seale, Rennie Davis, David Dellinger, John Froines, Tom Hayden, Jerry Rubin, and Lee Weiner

A collection of works, published in 1969, by the defendants in the Chicago Eight Conspiracy Trial. Following the clashses at the 1968 Democratic National Convention, the US Department of Justice charged some of the organizers who had encouraged people to come to Chicago with incitement to riot, amon...

The Chicago 8 Speak Out! - Abbie Hoffman, Bobby Seale, Rennie Davis, David Dellinger, John Froines, Tom Hayden, Jerry Rubin, and Lee Weiner
0 How Native Hawaiians fought the US Navy, and won

The reclaiming of a sacred island. Subscribe and turn on notifications (🔔 ) so you don't miss any videos: On January 4, 1976, a fleet of boats headed toward the Hawaiian island of Kaho‘olawe. The goal: take the island back from the US military for the Hawaiian people. Since...

How Native Hawaiians fought the US Navy, and won
RACETRAITOR: a timeless political fury meets cultural nuance in new massive track "Eid" RACETRAITOR: a timeless political fury meets cultural nuance in new massive track "Eid" -

Born from the spirited streets of Chicago, Illinois, Racetraitor was never just another name in the hardcore punk scene. Throughout the late 1990s, the band

RACETRAITOR: a timeless political fury meets cultural nuance in new massive track "Eid" -
0 ‘Blood avocados’ in the news amid Michoacán violence

The US Department of Agriculture suspended inspections of avocados in the Mexican state of Michoacán due to security concerns, halting the top source of US imports. The move was taken after two agents of the USDA's Animal & Plant Health... Read more‘Blood avocados’ in the news amid Michoacán violenc...

‘Blood avocados’ in the news amid Michoacán violence
0 Israeli Attack on Rafah Tent Camp Kills Dozens, Wounds 50

The attack follows bombings that killed dozens of Palestinians and injured hundreds around Rafah late last month.

Israeli Attack on Rafah Tent Camp Kills Dozens, Wounds 50
My pressed flowers collection
  • Very nice! What method do you use to press the flowers?

  • Stone Rule
  • @disguy_ovahea has no idea what he's talking about. He apparently attended a couple of protests and thinks he's now an expert on social change.

    A horse race has about as much to do with women's right to vote as Stonehenge does with climate change, but that didn't stop Emily Davison's direct action at the 1913 Epsom Derby from being a watershed moment in the struggle for women's suffrage.

  • Dumb fucks
  • A successful protest reaches people outside of a cause, compelling them to learn more, in hopes that they ultimately become a supporter.

    Performative radicalized protests are only compelling to those already behind the cause, and immediately discredited by those you need to reach.

    That's not how any of this works.

    A protests' success is judged by how much publicity it receives, and the disproportionate scale of the reaction from antagonists to the movement. Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem was a successful protest because he was a public figure and had a national stage, and the reaction of conservatives throwing fits over a symbolic gesture highlighted the racism typically hidden in polite white society. The police riot in Selma got national attention because of the graphic scenes of white police beating black folks in Sunday dress, and the scale of the police response to people engaging in peaceful protest revealed the violence inherent in Jim Crow apartheid.

    Likewise, the Stonehenge protest was extremely successful because it received international attention, and the disproportionate outrage over harmless dust compared to the real threat of climate change puts a spotlight to the widespread apathy of society to the threat.

    You think protests are supposed to reach you specifically, because you're sympathetic to the protests old enough to read about in history books. But your opinion of those protests is mediated by the society that those protests have already successfully altered. The moderate of the past would have considered those historical protests 'performative' and 'radicalized' as well. They would also be on the wrong side of history.

  • What Sewing a Victorian Corset Taught Me About Fast Fashion and Capitalism (yeah, they're connected)
  • I really like her project, focus, and presentation. I appreciate that video makers need to have some kind of income.

    Whenever BetterHelp is used to sponsor a video, I think this video (YT) should also appear.

    I'm not calling for censorship of videos that use it as a sponsor, just spreading awareness of that vendor's reputation and history. I know that making content for YouTube is an extremely stressful job, and having a reliable source of income greatly reduces that anxiety. I hope Abby Cox continues to make great videos, I really appreciate her attention to detail and thoughtfulness and empathy for people who most of society has swept under the rug.

  • Climate activists arrested after spray painting UK’s Stonehenge monument
  • There were very similar conspiracies popular during the suffragette struggle, the civil rights era, and the gay rights movement. They were all just as embarrassing as this one is now.

    This kind of spectacle activism has a long history of creating political change while minimizing violence. Pigeon-holing these brave people as pawns in some MAGA-style conspiracy de-humanizes them and makes it easier to ignore their serious message.

  • The Delusion of “Advanced” Plastic Recycling
  • Thank you, Lisa Song, for cutting through the bullshit.

  • ‘What if there just is no solution?’ How we are all in denial about the climate crisis
  • As the effects of the crisis worsen, DeLay argues, inequality will rise, food prices will increase and police and border budgets will balloon. It will probably be people of colour, migrants, homeless people who will suffer the most, especially because when people see the hurricanes and the fires, they may believe in the climate crisis less, not more; politicians will turn up the barbarism and there will be something – or someone – else to blame.

    He's right.

  • A new take on the Solarpunk Logo by combining two existing ones, by CombatantWombatant
  • I'm curious about the capital letter font at the top. Is that original?

  • Get involved – Just Stop Oil (UK)
  • Yes.

    We're going to destroy the Moai Statues of Rapa Nui, the 500 year old Ming Dynasty Zhenhai bridge, and the Bagerhat mosques of Bangladesh, simply by failing to change the society that is heating up the planet and causing the water to rise.

    If you cared about preserving historical artifacts, you wouldn't troll climate change resistance movements.

  • "Women are allowed to respond when there is danger in ways other than crying," says the #Seattle bikini barista
  • There was a free speech fight in the courts about the right for women two wear swimsuits, many of them bikinis, while serving coffee in the Seattle area. Since then the popularized alliterative term 'bikini barista' has stuck to refer to all servers that sell hot drinks while in swimwear.

  • Stonehenge covered in powder paint by Just Stop Oil protesters - BBC News
  • You really have to scroll down google results to find Just Stop Oil's social media due to the incredible publicity this action has generated about climate change resistance. Their Twitter account is, and they're smashing their fund-raising targets via chuffed.

  • A Modest Proposal: /c/pleasantpolitics
  • I have concerns about your vision of an ideal community, and I'm cynical of how far technical means can go in achieving that vision, but those concerns are overwhelmed by my support for experimentation. I agree with the prevailing opinion that moderation on Lemmy is hamstrung by a lack of adequate tools. Your project, even if it fails to achieve your vision, could serve as a stepping stone to some future success.

    My primary concern is that you may be filtering people into whitelists and blacklists by feeding their comment history with a prompt into a Large Language Model like ChatGPT. If that's the case, it is a deal-breaker. You cannot submit content via an LLM API and also avoid having that text absorbed by the model as training data. Since you would be submitting the comments of other people, this violates the principles of respect and consent. Many people exited corporate social media for Lemmy to protest this hoovering of their data by 'AI' companies; while some have gone as far as to add an anti-AI clause as a comment footer, it should be assumed that every Lemmy commenter does not consent to their intellectual labor being exploited for the profit of tech capitalists unless they explicitly state otherwise. If SLRPNK endorsed a moderation tool that abused other Lemmy users in this way, we would quickly become a pariah instance.

    When it comes to software, I'm a fan of transparency. I hope at some point you're willing to share your code, though I acknowledge your reasons for keeping it obscure. I would advise you to be open at least about the mechanism your filter uses while hiding your parameters if you can, so that you can alleviate any concerns that your code is feeding Lemmy comments to an LLM.

  • Trump threatens to cut US aid to Ukraine quickly if reelected
  • I don't see the questions as relevant or inevitable. No-one owes you answers. Perhaps you should elaborate why each or these questions are relevant, and someone else may be willing to engage with you.

  • Trump threatens to cut US aid to Ukraine quickly if reelected
  • These questions sound like someone trying to gish-gallop and not the kind one would expect from someone seeking to expand their mind.

  • Montreal Anarchist Tech Convergence (September 7th and 8th, 2024)
  • Je ne sais pas. Demandez à @MTL_ATC.

  • Trump threatens to cut US aid to Ukraine quickly if reelected
  • In the 1960s black people were much more actively discriminated against on a systemic level, practically prevented from voting in many of the states in the southern United States. The president at the time was the Democrat Lyndon B. Johnson, and was facing the much more racist Republican challenger Barry Goldwater.

    While the black vote was suppressed in the south, there was a significant voting block in the north of black people and their allies whose main issue was civil rights. Civil rights leaders, including Martin Luther King, met several times with LBJ, who coaxed them to tone down the direct action protests and criticism until after the election, as he claimed to we willing to negotiate with them once the threat to his power was diminished.

    Instead, civil rights protests increased. The leaders, probably correctly, determined that once the election was over, they would have less leverage. Even though losing the election meant having an enemy in the white house, having a 'friend' who continued to delay essential concessions did not further their cause. People were actively being murdered by the 'Jim Crow' apartheid regime, and delays and half-measures were not sufficient.

    Thanks to the pressure of millions of people engaged in direct action and open criticism of the president, the Civil Rights Act was passed before the 1964 election. LBJ won by a landslide due to the popularity of the legislation, but suffered the severe political consequences Democrats were trying to avoid through their strategy of placation and delay. The 1964 election was the last where Democrats got the majority of the white vote, and electing politicians in the southern states became much more difficult for their party.

    Palestinian Americans and their allies now face a similar situation. Democrats will continue to ignore the genocide in Gaza unless there are real political consequences to their actions. While Donald Trump would be a significantly worse candidate, the logic of a two-party system requires that they be willing to risk a worse political situation if they are to hold any political power at all.

    Civil rights leaders like Martin Luther King are regarded as heroes today, but at the time, they were reviled by both Democrats and Republicans as a force of chaos that acted out of ignorance of the political system. If LBJ had lost the election to Goldwater, perhaps their legacy would be considered differently. But it would not change the fact that the cause they were fighting for was just, and they were able to wield political power in a system that was designed to marginalize them.

  • TIL: PeerTube
  • @ProdigalFrog and I run a documentary channel on PeerTube in collaboration with Kolektiva.Media

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