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The Elder Scrolls 6 Teaser Is Now 6 Years Old — and Even Todd Howard Paused to Say, ‘Oh Wow That Has Been a While’ - IGN
  • People will still clamor for it. I don't think it will ever come close to matching the magic of the previous titles. What made those great was that we didn't have anything remotely close and it was always on the cusp of something groundbreaking. No one was expecting skyrim, it had a short advertisement cycle - people got hyped - and then it dropped and opened people's minds up to what a modern RPG should resemble.

    The formula is old and beaten into the ground for how Bethesda games work. They need STRONG writing and world building along with breaking from their typical structure of designing the game.

    People are expecting Skryim 2.0 in where it completely blows you out of the water and I don't think we'll get that. Personally I think we'll get a graphically polished game, with great writing and music, and sub par execution of basically everything else. Let's hope I'm wrong on that last bit.

  • Michigan man with suspended license joins court hearing via Zoom, while driving
  • I think that about local news here whenever I happen to see it. Half of it is fear mongering, the other half is pointless shit that really has no bearing on anything. "Local" news is generally a joke, with few stations actually having journalists who want to actually do something productive.

  • Dragonforce
  • As other people have stated, their live shows sucked for a while because they were so trashed playing really complicated stuff and it sounded awful, that's why I really don't like them for the most part. Secondly, I love metal, but their stuff is way over produced imo. Really talented musicians when they want to be tho so I respect that.

  • Replacement Backup Cameras

    I recently got a 2017 Honda CRV and I noticed the backup camera wasn't the best quality. Are there any replacements that have a higher resolution?

    James Arthur Ray
  • Bastard only got 2 years in the pen for killing 3 people. Sometimes, justice isn't served appropriately. I wouldn't say life is a good sentence, but at least a decade in there and THEN parole. People died, 1 death should warrant more than roughly 200 days in prison.

  • [Steam] ENDLESS™ Legend
  • I guess where the combat is where they differ the most. On the campaign map, they are pretty similar.

    Edit: not saying they're copies as they do have stark differences in how they play but they generally give the same vibe

  • Anyone want to get together and farm BP in a Union Circle?

    The BP collection goes by far faster in a group since it is all shared. If anyone is interested, we can set up a time that works for everyone to get together and do this. The more the merrier and there is space for 3 other people, so don't be shy. Let's grind this out as fast as possible!

    Edit: In Scarlet or Violet.

    Edit 2: there are 2 spots left, feel free to leave a comment to join into the group!

    Does anyone remember /r/RandomActsOfPizza?

    When I first got onto the site that shall not be named, while poking around in it I found that community fairly fast. I never participated due to the fact that I never needed it, but I also didn't really have the extra cash to send a pizza to anyone as well. But I always thought it was such a genuine gesture of people on the internet, to just send a shitty domino's pizza to someone who possibly was struggling and make their day/dinner a little better through a bit of generosity.

    Does anyone else have a similar niche community that actually had an impact on peoples lives in a fairly positive way?

    Whats your favorite Main Menu music?

    I'll start it off - Legend of Dragoon has my heart with this one

    Watching Zeta for the first time

    I'm a long time Gundam fan boy, got started on Wing on Toonami as a kid and then 0079, G, and a few other series. But I had never gotten around to watching anything after the one year war in the UC timeline, until now.

    The lines are so blurred. Zaku's launching from Fed ships? Titans beating up on Capt. Bright of all people. Char has assumed a fake identity in the AEUG faction to continue fighting for his ideals. OH YEA AND WHAT ABOUT THE FEDS GASSING AN ENTIRE COLONY. The whole thing is a giant mess and I love it. Camille legitimately makes me frustrated so much and I love that he just keeps getting slapped multiple times every episode.

    I personally love the spacenoid sentiment that since they have the technology to live off of earth, they wish to do so and let earth return to its natural processes.

    Side note, if anyone wants to talk about the series with me here, please avoid spoilers, I'm only about 9 episodes in currently.

    Initial Reactions from the community

    I'll start off by saying that I think they absolutely nailed it. I was honestly skeptical of it pre-launch. It really just looked way too arcadey but oh boy was I wrong. They managed to keep the soul of the game intact while modernizing it really well. I feel like what really did it for me was unlocking the arena, like ok this is 100% the armored core I was looking for. Also to top it off, I have an aging rig 9600k and a 1080 and I'm playing this game on high settings at 2k and getting 80-100 frames consistently. Good fucking jobFrom Soft.

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