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Gov. Whitmer endorses Kamala Harris for president, says she's not leaving Michigan
  • Please don't take Shapiro, please don't take Shapiro, please don't take Shapiro...

  • [Nasser Junior] The Handover
  • The worst codebase I ever inherited like this was a Magento shop that had been heavily customized by a Czech programmer. All of the customizations had variables in Czech. The guy dropped off the grid after the handover.

  • He deserves it, dadgummit
  • Maybe one where he's trying to film a fantasy movie he's also starring in. The opening scene is his execution, all dramatic like in GoT, but when the guy swings the axe the head doesn't fall off and everybody gets sprayed with blood because it's a mannequin.

    Smash cut to Sean Bean in normal clothes yelling "Cut! cut! Can we please turn the blood off?"

  • Diesel-smelling
  • Considering his opinion on diesels that's actually a pretty scathing insult.

  • The daily grind
  • Ooo, I should put some cream in my rowing machine and make butter while I exercise!

  • FR I hate it when I can't read my sundial
  • Anything other than day and night and the changing of the seasons is new-fangled and useless.

  • Joe Biden ends re-election campaign
  • Yeah, this whole ordeal really took the wind out of that and the RNC. The conspiratorial part of my brain says that this was planned weeks ago to do that.

  • Diesel-smelling
  • I think it was the first episode of the first season where one of his neighbors bitched him out over climate change. Really satisfying to see.

  • Lifetime achievement
  • If they could make a Godzilla vs. Gamera movie I would be so happy

  • Dems Mock Trump as ‘Too Old’ to Run—Like He Did to Biden
  • we almost never elect different people for house/senate.

    Which is because of how we pick committee positions. People with longer tenures get better spots.

  • MAGA world is really mad that Trump is no longer running against Biden
  • How about publicly funded elections and limits on campaigning more than 90 days before an election?

  • Democrats hail Biden's decision to not seek reelection as selfless. Republicans urge him to resign
  • Nope. A term doesn't count if it's less than two years, so Biden could resign now and Harris could be still have two full terms on top of the remaining five months of this term.

  • We unleashed Facebook and Instagram’s algorithms on blank accounts. They served up sexism and misogyny
  • One of the rules of the Internet is "unsubscribe from the defaults."

  • Or was it after?
  • Back in the 90s Mac OS had voice recognition, complete with a wake word. There were a few default actions, and you could write your own Applescripts to customize things.

  • Kamala Harris Launches Presidential Bid: ‘My Intention Is to Earn and Win This Nomination’
  • I really think it's there's a few lobbies that keeps our election cycles so goddamn long. They need the horserace and the controversy for as long as possible to get ratings. News organizations, election consultants, advertisers, etc.

    France had two elections within weeks of each other. Britain called a snap election and got it done in under two months. These things can be done quickly and efficiently, but nobody wants to run afoul of two groups required to get re-elected, so they keep us slogging through the mudslinging.

  • Kamala Harris Launches Presidential Bid: ‘My Intention Is to Earn and Win This Nomination’
  • she built a career around holding felons like Donald Trump accountable

    I hope she gets a chance to say something like that to his face in a debate

  • Kamala Harris Launches Presidential Bid: ‘My Intention Is to Earn and Win This Nomination’
  • "Law and order" to Republicans means "use the law to enforce the order."

  • [Mega thread] - Biden ends bid for presidency
  • This is why I'm really hoping they don't pick Shapiro. Having three democratic governors in a row is a fluke in PA and I don't think we'd avoid getting a Republican next.

  • Tough choice
  • So I get two seats to myself? Sweet!

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